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2020 Town Comprehensive Plan Committee

2020 Comp Plan

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At the July 18, 2018 town board meeting, the board approved the following individuals to the 2020 Comprehensive Plan Update Committee. Next, initial meetings will be planned in the coming weeks to share introductory information, establish goals, and set project calendars.

Committee Members

  • Daniel Berger
  • Courtney Dudek
  • George Flansburg
  • Charles Fox
  • Michael Gsellmeier
  • Lisa Latten
  • Harold Mellars
  • Roland Osterwinter
  • Heidi Rasmussen
  • Matthew Rich
  • Brandon Smith
  • Donna Spinella
  • Christopher Whipple
  • Emily Zink

Staff Support –(as needed/requested)

  • Engineering/Planning
  • Developmental Services
  • DPW
  • Library
  • School Districts
  • Recreation

Town Board Liaison – Councilman Rob Quinn

Throughout 2018 and 2019, Town staff and the Committee will conduct a series of work sessions to establish background information, identify and work through topics, meet with subject matter experts, invite public comments, create a draft a 2020 Comprehensive Plan Update document with recommendations to the Town Board, and ultimately present a Draft 2020 Comprehensive Plan Update to the Town Board and public.

The Town Board will adopt a final 2020 Comprehensive Plan prior to 2020.

2020 Comprehensive Plan Committee
2018-12-04 2020 Comp Plan Committee Meeting Agenda
2018-10-23 2020 Comp Plan Committee Meeting Agenda
2018-10-09 2020 Comprehensive Plan Committee Meeting Agenda
2018-09-25 2020 Comprehensive Plan Committee Meeting Agenda
2018-09-11 2020 Comp Plan Committee Charge
2018-09-11 2020 Comprehensive Plan Committee Meeting Agenda
Appointments to Penfield 2020 Comprehensive Plan Committee
Town Board Resolution 18T-143

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