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These FAQs are a summary of town information and responses to public inquiries the moratorium.


What is for sale?
Shadow Pines and Shadow Lake golf courses were listed for sale on January 13, 2016. Shadow Lake is being slated to continue as a golf course, while Shadow Pines is being marketed for residential development.

Who owns Shadow Pines and Shadow Lake?
Shadow Pines and Shadow Lake golf courses are privately owned by the Dolomite Group, an Oldcastle company.

Can’t the Town of Penfield “just stop the sale” of Shadow Pines and Shadow Lake golf courses.
The Town of Penfield cannot stop the sale of private property. Just as it cannot stop a resident from selling a house, it cannot stop business owners or golf course owners from selling their properties.

What can the Town do?
Through zoning and planning processes, the Town can control the types of projects that may be developed on any given property.

What has the Town done already?
On 1/19/16 the Town Board began the process of developing a local law declaring a moratorium on development of Shadow Pines and Shadow Lake. A resolution to set a public hearing for 3/2/16 was adopted at the 2/3/16 Town Board legislative meeting. Adoption of the moratorium requires a public hearing and other formal and legally required milestones. This process will take a few months. Additionally, Supervisor LaFountain has directed town staff not to accept any application or proposal for development on these properties until the moratorium process has been completed.

What exactly is a moratorium and what is its purpose in this situation?
A moratorium is a temporary delay or suspension of an activity. In this case, the moratorium would create a defined “time out” period in which no planning or development activity can occur to give the Town Board and community time to study the possible uses of the Shadow Pines and Shadow Lake, as well as the associated impacts of those uses.

I heard a committee will be formed to study all the possible uses of the property and what the impacts of those uses would be on the infrastructure and overall community of Penfield. How can I ask to serve on this committee?
That’s correct. A committee that represents a cross-section of interests is being created and charged with studying potential uses and impacts during the moratorium period. The committee will report its findings and recommendations to the Penfield Town Board.

Those who wish to serve on the committee should send a letter expressing their desire and relevant skills/qualifications to The time commitment to serve on this committee will require several hours a week for the full duration of the moratorium (six to twelve months). 

Can the property owners hurry and do anything to develop the properties before a moratorium can be adopted?
No. The Town Board has instructed the Planning Department to not accept any proposals for the Shadow Pines and Shadow Lake properties until the moratorium is lifted.

Has the Town’s Planning Department received an actual application for development of either property?
No applications have been made for either property.


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