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Shadow Pines and Clark House Town Properties

The Town of Penfield purchased the former Shadow Pines Golf Course, Clark House, and other site structures on April 27, 2018 following a February 27, 2018 public referendum in which residents voted 4 to 1 in favor of the Town’s acquisition of the 212-acre property.

The following content provides news and information regarding this Town-owned property as of the acquisition date. Background information is available on the History link. 

Clark House

Shadow Pines and Clark House Town Properties

May 11, 2018
Assessment and cleanup underway at Shadow Pines

Message from Supervisor LaFountain: Assessment and cleanup underway at Shadow Pines

On April 27, 2018 the Town of Penfield completed its acquisition of the former Shadow Pines Golf course including the Clark House and other structures. We immediately began assessing conditions of the 212 acres and structures for public safety and maintenance purposes. Penfield TV has videotaped the entire property to establish a baseline of assets, conditions, and to assist DPW with its initial assessment of public safety.

During the week of May 14, DPW crews will start removing hazardous downed, dead, and diseased trees. You will see this activity along Whalen Road and around the Clark House. Also, the grassy area along the Atlantic/Whalen intersection will be more regularly mowed by the Town’s DPW roadside mowing crew.

Crews will also begin work on the Clark House structures and plantings to improve its curb appeal in keeping with the neighborhood. The lawn will also be mowed regularly.

During this assessment and work period the public is not allowed on any portion of the property. We will notify residents when cleanup is complete and it is safe to enjoy designated portions of the property. 

Safety is our priority. Thank you for your patience as we perform this necessary work. 

May 9, 2018
Dear Neighbor of Shadow Pines

As you likely know, on April 27, 2018 the Town of Penfield acquired the former Shadow Pines Golf course including the Clark House and other site structures.

Effective immediately, the Town is assessing the entire 212 acres and buildings for safety and maintenance purposes. During this open-ended assessment period no public access is allowed on the property. This includes access from main roads and private residential property adjacent to the former golf course. No dumping of yard debris is allowed and no harvesting of any materials including trees, limbs or any golf course items is allowed.

Any prior arrangements or permissions from the previous owner to access the property are null and void.

The Town will notify residents when maintenance is complete and public access is allowed. If you have any questions about this notice or see any activity that concerns you please call my office at 340-8630. The Town of Penfield looks forward to being your good neighbor.


R. Anthony LaFountain

Penfield Town Supervisor


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