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Shadow Pines and Clark House Town Properties

The Town of Penfield purchased the former Shadow Pines Golf Course, Clark House, and other site structures on April 27, 2018 following a February 27, 2018 public referendum in which residents voted 4 to 1 in favor of the Town’s acquisition of the 212-acre property.

The following content provides news and information regarding this Town-owned property as of the acquisition date. Background information is available on the History link. 

Clark House

Shadow Pines and Clark House Town Properties

August 14, 2018
Large trees in front of the Clark House

Since the large trees in front of the Clark House were recently taken down the Town has received many calls and emails asking why “those beautiful old trees” had to be removed. The decision to remove the trees was not made lightly; the trees were so severely diseased that they were hollow on the inside and cabled together to keep them from splitting apart. Tree experts from both Birchcrest and Terry Tree (who removed the trees) were surprised they had not fallen down in recent windstorms. If they had fallen on nearby power lines the surrounding electrical grid may have been out for several days depending on the number of poles that would have been damaged. 

As the Town continues to clean up around the Clark House appropriately scaled landscaping will be added to the site.



Shadow Pines and Clark House
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