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- 2020 Comprehensive Plan Underway

 The Penfield Town Board commenced work on the town’s 2020 Comprehensive Plan Update at its July 12 work session. At that meeting, the board and town staff reviewed and accepted a draft timeline outlining milestones of the project that begins this month and is expected to conclude in June 2019. The timeline is available at

The Town of Penfield updates its Comprehensive Plan about every 10 years. The Plan functions as the legal foundation for all land use decisions, defines the community’s vision, provides guidelines for development, and establishes goals and objectives for the next 10 to 15 years. 

”In a continuous effort to keep the community’s needs front and center for our residents, the Town of Penfield has focused on regularly updating the Comprehensive Plan for the past six decades,” said Supervisor Tony LaFountain. “Our last plan was adopted in 2010. It is now time to focus on the 2020 update and address needs and concerns that have developed in recent years to ensure Penfield remains one of the best towns in Monroe County to live, work, and raise a family.” 

Potential topics for review and update include—but are not limited to—residential, recreation, and commercial property use; the status of a new Mixed Use District; infrastructure; multi-modal connectivity; sustainability; aging in place for elders; medical services; schools, rezoning opportunities; and new zoning districts. 

The process will be led by town staff with a committee of resident volunteers and assistance and input from experts and consultants as needed for topics such as traffic, drainage, sanitary sewers, planning, and other infrastructure and environmental matters. 

Milestones and public participation opportunities will be communicated throughout the process on a project page at

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