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- Supervisor's column August 7, 2017

Mark your calendars for a new and exciting program to be held on Sunday, August 13, from 1:30 to 4:30 PM at the Penfield Public Library. They will be hosting a “How-To Festival” where attendees can learn 20 things in just three hours. Among the topics to be covered are finding missing money, tracing a family tree, making wine at home, arranging flowers, decorating cupcakes, and much more. The Wegmans Zoo-mobile will be on-hand, and a monster truck will be on display. Cyndi Corrigan from The Art Stop will demonstrate painting tiles with alcohol inks, and Jody B’s Studio of Dance will have everyone moving to the beat. This event is family-friendly; all activities are free and no registration is required.

ATTENTION…many residents and the Monroe County Sheriff’s Department (MCSD) have reported that a number of vehicles in Penfield and surrounding communities have been entered by individuals looking for valuables like loose change, phones, laptops, purses, and wallets. Unfortunately, most of those vehicles were easy targets because they were left unlocked. The MCSD encourages us to keep our vehicles locked—even in our own driveways. Never leave valuables exposed even if it your car is locked. Also, when heading into a fitness center, do not exit your car then place wallets and purses in the trunk. You never know who is watching for an opportunity to help themselves to your possessions. There have been many incidents of thieves breaking into trunks after watching people hide their valuables away before going in to work out! Lock valuables away out of sight before you leave home. 

As a member of the Crime Stoppers board of directors, I can assure you that our organization is always looking for ways to help law enforcement solve crimes across our region and, at times, across the country. This past Saturday the 4th Annual Nick K 5K was held to support the Nicholas Kapusniak Memorial Scholarship Fund and Crime Stoppers.

Nick Kapusniak was a 20 year old student at the St. Louis College of Pharmacy. He was killed on March 1, 2014 in a senseless act of violence as a drive-by shooter randomly fired gunshots into a crowd of pharmacy students. Nick grew up in Webster and is greatly missed by his family and his many, many friends all across the country. For more information on Nick, please go to I also encourage you to learn more about Crime Stoppers and the work they do to help keep our community safe at

If you have not been by Rothfuss Park lately you will be amazed at the progress of Jack’s Place Playground. The BEAR playground equipment has been placed and the other pieces are due to arrive this week. Installations are scheduled over the next several weeks to complete the project. Stay current with the construction process and the planned ribbon cutting by visiting and follow JACK Foundation on Facebook.

At this time of year many organizations apply for selling permits through the Town Clerk’s Office to allow them to go door-to-door throughout Penfield. All applicants go through a background check and those who are approved are credentialed. If someone comes to your door to sell anything or provide information about their services please ask to see their permit. If they do not have a permit, please contact our Town Clerk’s Office at 340-8629 or call 911. 

For a listing of all approved permits and authorized dates please go to, click on departments on the left side, then on Town Clerk. On the Town Clerk’s page click on “selling permits” on the right side.

One last shout-out for the Penfield Trails Committee’s Ellison Park guided tour this coming Saturday, August 12 from 9:00 to 11:00 AM. Meet at the south entrance, 1008 Penfield Road, and look for the hike signs.

Important dates and events in history: August 8, 1786 – The Continental Congress adopts the “dollar” and decimal coinage; August 9, 1945 – The United States drops the 2nd atomic bomb on Nagasaki, Japan; August 14, 1945 – Japan surrenders “unofficially” ending World War II. 

Until next week, be well and be safe!


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