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- Supervisor's column October 23, 2017

Saturday evening I attended an amazing event at Master Kim’s Taekwondo Institute, located in Panorama Plaza, to support their annual “bully busting” program. Fifty-six local teachers came together to break a board as part of program that teaches students to protect themselves and others from bullies. I am so impressed with all the teachers who took time out of their weekend to participate and their commitment to “bully busting” in our community—they are all great role models. I also want to recognize and thank Master Kim and his staff for all they do in the Penfield community. His commitment to our youth is a benchmark with many classes, after-school programs, fun camps, and several other programs. 

I have had first-hand experience with Master Kim’s Taekwondo Institute by watching both our grand-daughters gain self-confidence, self-esteem, focus, and overall sense of purpose, which will help them and all the students of the institute become future leaders. To learn more about the wonderful programs and to see the teachers break their boards, log on to

The Town Clerk’s Office will be holding a Town merchandise pre-holiday sale during the month of November “while supplies last”—it’s never too early to start your Christmas and holiday shopping! Items include:

                              Regular  Sale

Calvin Owens Book    Hard cover    $49.50   $42.00

                                      Soft cover     $34.50   $29.00

Penfield’s Past                                   $15.00   $12.50

Images of Early Penfield                  $12.50   $10.50

Memories of Penfield                       $15.00   $12.50

Penfield (Landmarks) Blanket          $40.00   $34.00

Penfield Landmark Prints:

Matted (small)                                  $15.00       $12.50

Matted (large)                                   $20.00       $17.00

Unmatted                                          $5.00         $4.00

Note Cards                                         $1.50         $1.00

Penfield Caps                                     $10.00       $8.50

At the last town board meeting, the board adopted the 2018 budget including special districts. The tax rate will remain the same at $2.69 per $1,000 of assessed property value; the budget is under the New York State required tax cap and Penfield continues to receive a “no designation” in New York State’s Fiscal Monitoring system due to one of the highest credit ratings in the state.

Also at the last town board meeting, the following students were recognized for their Fire Prevention Essays through the Monroe County Volunteer Fireman’s Association: Lawson Alexander Drabik, a 5th grader at Harris Hill – 1st place Monroe County and 1st place for Western NY; Lilly Husband, a 5th grader at Scribner Road Elementary – 2nd place for Monroe County and 2nd place for Western NY; and Jordan James Dawson, a 5th grader at Harris Hill Elementary – 6th place for Monroe County. Congratulations to these three Penfield students for raising the awareness of Fire Safety and Fire Prevention…great job Lawson, Lilly and Jordan!

Over the weekend I had the honor of cutting the ribbon for the new Dollar Tree Store located on the corner of Empire Blvd. and Bay Road. Dollar Tree took over this location and is using the entire square footage for their operation which is big, bright, and an ideal location for the area. I want to congratulate and welcome District Manager Scott, Store Manager Kathy, and their entire staff to the Penfield Community.

The next guided hike of the Penfield Trails Committee will be held on Saturday, November 11 from 10:00 AM to noon at Sherwood Fields. This is an all-seasons park for hikers in all types of weather conditions. The highlight of the park is the Commission Ditch, which bisects the property, and the variety of plants and wildlife that hikers will be able to observe. The park is located adjacent to the Fire Station just east of the intersection of Rt. 441 and Harris Road. All hikes are FREE…look for the hike signs!

A big shout-out to the Penfield Recreation Department for the wonderful family fun Halloween event this past Friday night. About 500 to 600 of our youngest residents and their parents and grandparents took part in games, crafts, hay rides, a maze, trick-or-treat, and the Penfield Fire Company ladder truck. The weather was perfect and everyone had a great time.

Until next week, be well and be safe! Please consider visiting one of our many farm markets for baked goods, apples, cider and many more seasonal treats. These local businesses do so much to support the Penfield Community…let’s make sure we support them!


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