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- Supervisor's column March 5, 2018

Shadow Pines vote update…On behalf of the Town Board, I would like to thank everyone who came out to vote on the two propositions involving the acquisition of the Shadow Pines property. Voting is the primary way for citizens to participate in government, and by voting in this special election Penfield residents made their voices heard and registered their opinion on how they think the town should proceed on this matter.

With close to 80 percent support, voters in the Town of Penfield approved both propositions to finance the Town’s purchase of the former Shadow Pines Golf Club. Proposition No. 1 represents a Bond Resolution for financing for the purchase of 206 golf course acres for $3,390,000. Proposition No. 2 represents a Bond Resolution for financing for the purchase of six acres and the Clark House buildings for $260,000. The vote results (including absentee ballots) for Proposition No. 1 were 5,680 for and 1,309 against; and for Proposition No. 2, 5,651 for and 1,238 against.  

Legal and financial matters will proceed with an estimated closing in April 2018. Residents should note that the property will not officially be owned by the Town until the closing, and therefore it is still considered private property and cannot be used by the public.

Once the sale is complete, the Town will assess and maintain the structures and land immediately surrounding the Clark House. The golf course acreage will not be mowed and maintained; however, it will be made safe. 

The Town is acquiring the property with a designation of “general municipal” use, which allows the greatest flexibility for overall community and public uses. A final plan has not been decided. Initially, passive recreation (hiking, cross country skiing, open space) will be considered to be allowed on certain portions of the property until a final master plan is approved and reviewed with residents. Potential future land uses may include a combination of open space, passive and active recreational uses along with general municipal uses such as a community center, library, lodge, or other public facilities. 

The Town Board will form a committee of residents later in 2018 to explore and make recommendations for future land uses. Residents who wish to serve on that committee should express their interest in writing, including supporting details of their experience and expertise, and send to me at or by mail to Supervisor LaFountain, 3100 Atlantic Avenue, Penfield, NY 14526. Defining future land use and the zoning of the property will also be a key responsibility of the 2020 Comprehensive Plan Committee.

For the most accurate information on this property as well as the history and background information on The Shadows please go to the project page at

Friday’s snow storm presented challenges to our plow crews due to the extreme weight of the snow, a number of cars parked or abandoned in the road, some equipment breakdowns, and even plows getting stuck while clearing cul-de-sacs and working around obstacles and abandoned vehicles. All these factors made clearing snow take twice the time of a “typical” snow event. I would like to thank everyone for their patience and understanding. I would also like to recognize our DPW team members, many of whom spent 14 continuous hours in the driver’s seat plowing. Any and all damaged lawns and mail boxes will be repaired when conditions permit. 

Over the weekend I had the honor of attending the Eagle Scout Court of Honor for Ben Szulgit from Troop 9. Ben began his scouting career at age seven; he has earned all of the necessary 21 merit badges and held a variety of leadership positions over the years to help qualify for his Eagle Award. Ben’s Eagle project involved designing, constructing, and installing bluebird houses at Sherwood Park located in East Penfield. As the old saying goes, the proof is in the pudding! Ben’s troop has witnessed that bluebirds have, in fact, returned to the park! Each bird house was successfully inhabited by these beautiful birds in a very short period of time. 

Ben will be attending Penn State this fall to study Chemical Engineering. On behalf of the entire Town of Penfield, I would like to congratulate and thank Ben for attaining the rank of Eagle. Ben, you have made your family, friends, troop and community proud…good luck this fall in school and in everything you do!

Until next week, be well and be safe!


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