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- Supervisor's column August 14, 2018

Late last week, or early this past weekend, individual(s) spray painted swastikas on 17 trees along a trail in Harris Whalen Park. This hateful and very juvenile act has no place in our community, our county, or our country. I continue to be troubled by the pain that these type of hate acts cause most people. The few ignorant individuals that feel a need to commit these types of acts are cowards of the lowest level. 

The Monroe County Sheriff’s Office takes these types of acts very seriously and they have opened an active investigation. They have increased patrols in and around the area, spoken with residents, and gathered evidence. The Penfield Town Board is interested in identifying and arresting the individuals, and prosecuting them to the fullest extent of the law.

The MCSO asks that if you saw anything unusual Friday or Saturday at or around Harris Whalen Park to please call 911 and share that information. Any piece of information, regardless of how minor it may seem, may be of assistance to their investigation. Thank you in advance for helping us keep Penfield a community that does not—and will not—tolerate these types of actions by a few seriously misguided individuals.

Budget 2019: The first roll-out to the town board last week showed a nine cent increase per thousand dollars, which is the amount of the bond for the purchase of the Shadow Pines property. Additionally, the board is reviewing other costs for equipment replacement, maintenance and repairs, and updating of systems. We will be presenting the 2019 Tentative Budget to the public on Wednesday, September 12 at 7:00 PM at the town board meeting. After the meeting it will be placed on the website, in the Town Clerk’s office, and at the Penfield Public Library for review.

I have shared this information in a previous column; however, I continue to receive calls and emails asking if and when the annual Penfield/Webster Household Hazardous Waste event will be held. If you are interested in this service, please mark your calendars for Saturday, September 15 at the Penfield DPW, 1607 Jackson Road from 7:45 AM to 1:00 PM. This is a great opportunity to clean out garages and basements of old paints/stains, thinners/solvents, pesticides, pool/photo chemicals, automotive fluids, driveway sealers, and other household chemical waste. Appointments are required. You may go online at to schedule or contact the DPW offices at 340-8710. Everything collected at this event is properly recycled or disposed of and no harmful materials are sent to the landfill. 

This past weekend, Councilwoman Linda Kohl presented a certificate of recognition to Ed Barton, a resident of Legacy Willow Pond who was celebrating his 102nd birthday and was enjoying a luncheon with his family and his friends at Legacy. Ed, on behalf of the town board and the entire community of Penfield, happy birthday! We hope you enjoyed your day.

Since the large trees in front of the Clark House were recently taken down I have received many calls and emails asking why those old beautiful trees had to be removed. As hard of a decision as that was, it needed to happen! The trees were so severely diseased they were hollow on the inside and cabled together to keep them from splitting apart. We will be posting pictures on our website under the ‘Shadow Pines and Clark House’ project page for everyone to see. Tree experts from both Birchcrest and Terry Tree who removed these trees were surprised they had not fallen down in one of our many windstorms. If those trees had fallen on nearby power lines the surrounding electrical grid may have been out for a few days to a week or more, depending on the number of poles that would have snapped off in a domino effect. 

As we continue to clean up the site around the Clark House and look to have it leased, we will be adding appropriate sized landscaping back to the site.

Until next week, enjoy the remaining portion of your summer as it seems to be going very quickly and another school year is just around the corner!


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