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- Public to be given access to portion of Shadow Pines on Sep 1

The Town of Penfield has completed its assessment, cleanup and preparation of land that was previously the front nine of the Shadow Pines Golf Course. As of Saturday, September 1 the public may access the town-owned property north of Clark Road from dawn to dusk. 

Visitors are granted access to the land for passive recreation only; this includes hiking along a meandering trail from the first tee to the ninth green, birding, and cross-country skiing. Dogs on leashes are allowed and owners are expected to clean up pet waste. No bikes or motorized vehicles are permitted on any portion of the 212-acre property. 

Since acquiring the property in April, the Town of Penfield has evaluated the land, trees, plantings, and site structures. Crews have removed many tons of dead, damaged, and dying trees north of Clark Road to make the property safe. 

The Clark House and its grounds have also been cleaned up and made safe; however, the building and grounds remain closed. The town board is reviewing options for use of that site.

The former back nine south of Clark Road remains off limits to the public. The town will begin cleanup of this area in the fall with a goal of granting access to that land later in the year.

“The next milestone in the Shadow Pines and Clark House property evolution comes September 1st as we open the former front nine for residents to enjoy hiking, birding, and explore plant and animal life,” said Supervisor Tony LaFountain. “I would like to recognize our hard-working DPW employees who have rallied to make the property safe and accessible by removing dead, dying, and diseased trees along Whalen and Clark Roads. Their efforts have minimized the hazard of trees falling on roadways, wires, and buildings. We have also addressed a myriad of other unsafe conditions from the first tee the ninth green.”

Following a positive public referendum in February 2018, the Town of Penfield acquired the former Shadow Pines property in April for “general municipal” use, which allows the greatest flexibility for overall community and public uses.

On July 18, the town board established the Shadow Pines Land Use Advisory Committee to study future land use options and make recommendations for best municipal uses. The committee will commence its work at a kick-off meeting on September 18 with a goal of submitting recommendations for uses of the 212 acres to the town board by early 2019.

Potential future land uses may include a combination of open space, passive and active recreation, and general municipal functions such as a community center, library, lodge, or other public facilities. Ultimately, the town board will establish a master plan for the property. Until a final plan is approved, passive recreation will be permitted as designated by the town board.

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