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- A Message from Supervisor LaFountain: Shadow Pines South open to public February 1

I am pleased to announce that beginning February 1, 2019, Shadow Pines South will be open to the public for passive recreational activities like hiking, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, and sledding. As of this date, both Shadow Pines North and South will be open and accessible to the public.

I would like to thank our Department of Public Works for their tremendous efforts to make the long-neglected former golf course safe for public use. Driver safety has also improved along Clark and Whalen roads with the removal of trees that were at risk of falling onto roadways and wires during storms, and dense thickets known to conceal deer were cleared.

Last spring and summer crews began preparing the property for community use following a 2018 public referendum in which residents voted four-to-one in favor of the town purchasing the former Shadow Pines golf course. The DPW began the long process of clearing and disposing of hundreds of dead, diseased, and compromised trees from the perimeter and interior of land north of Clark Road. Remarkably, they completed this work in just a few months with existing resources and between planned seasonal projects—not knowing when the year began that a derelict golf course would soon demand their attention. Shadow Pines North was opened to the public on September 1, 2018. 

Resources then shifted to preparing the roughly 113 remaining acres of Shadow Pines South for public use. Crews assessed the property for hazards and removed dead, dying, and diseased trees. Trees near the Clark/Whalen intersection were also cleared to improve sight distance and lower the risk of deer strikes—historically a dangerous issue due to the large herd and dense roadside foliage. Enough of this work has been completed at Shadow Pines South to permit public use. There is still some tree cleanup work and stump removal to do as equipment, schedules, and weather allow. As this continues please stay away from marked work areas.

What activities are permitted at Shadow Pines North and South? Passive recreation like hiking, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, and sledding. Dogs on leashes are welcome and owners must pick up and dispose of pet waste. 

What is NOT permitted? Bikes, motorized vehicles—and of course hunting—are NOT allowed. 

Long-term future land uses have not yet been determined. The Shadow Pines Land Use Advisory Committee continues its work to explore and recommend potential future uses to the town board. Also, in the coming weeks the town board will put out a request for proposals for use of the Clark House and its ancillary structures. Both paths forward will continue into 2019 when the town board will determine future land use and a tenant for the Clark House.

On behalf of the Penfield Town Board, I invite you to explore and enjoy the trails, fields, hills, and wildlife of Shadow Pines. 


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