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- High Winds Projected for 2/24 in Penfield

Sunday and Monday's weather looks to bring 70+mph winds according to the National Weather Service, which could lead to downed trees and power lines. Should this occur, please call 911 and RG&E if power lines are down. NEVER approach tree limbs or branches that may be entangled within power lines, nor attempt to move any lines that are on the ground as electricity can still be active. Fallen trees can also cause damage to underground gas lines if the base of the tree is uprooted. Please call 911 and RG&E if you smell gas in your home.

Should a power outage occur in your neighborhood you can report the outage to RG&E

If a tree falls within a neighborhood right-of-way (roadway), please contact (585) 340-8710, dispatchers are on duty.

These are the times when our elderly neighbors and those needing care are especially vulnerable. Please check on your neighbors when possible to ensure that they are safe.


For additional safety tips, including the use of generators and carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning precautions, visit our website page.

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