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- A message from Supervisor LaFountain: Shadow Pines Land Use Advisory Committee report received

The Shadow Pines Land Use Advisory Committee members submitted their final report to the Penfield Town Board at its April 17 legislative meeting. The committee was formed in July 2018 following the town’s purchase of the former golf course. Since commencing its work about seven months ago, the committee has toured the property, shared information, solicited community input, discussed and vetted ideas. Now, as charged, the committee has reported back to the Penfield Town Board with its final recommendations on possible land uses and how each use might be supported, implemented, and funded. 

The Town Board will review and discuss the report at a future work session, and will look to hold a public hearing in the fall to review the recommendations and allow residents to comment. The Town Board is also awaiting the Recreation Master Plan Update (public hearing May 15) and the town’s 2020 Comprehensive Plan Update due this fall. After the Town Board receives these plans it will work to align the recommendations for Shadow Pines in context of the goals set forth in all plans. 

This means no final decisions will be made for Shadow Pines land use until all this plays out. In the meantime, the public may enjoy passive recreation activities at Shadow Pines. 

On behalf of the Town Board, town staff, and Penfield residents, I thank the Shadow Pines Land Use Advisory Committee members for their earnest commitment to this process for the benefit of the Penfield community.

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