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- A message from Supervisor LaFountain: NYSDOT studying Atlantic Ave/Five Mile Line intersection for improvements

The New York State Department of Transportation (NYSDOT) has been studying the Atlantic Ave/Five Mile Line Road intersection in preparation of a project to improve traffic flow and safety at this busy intersection. It is their intent to widen the intersection with the inclusion of left turn lanes and a southbound right turn lane.

In early designs NYSDOT was considering a roundabout; however, based on the size of the area and traffic volume, they have abandoned that design and look to move forward with traditional turn lanes. NYSDOT is studying utility infrastructure, sidewalks, and other possible intersection features as they prepare preliminary designs. Earlier this week field technicians were on site assessing utilities and other structures. This activity will continue throughout the planning and design phase. Inspectors also conducted survey work and deep hole tests this past summer. 

NYSDOT will host a public information meeting in Penfield once they have completed their studies and preliminary designs so residents can see and discuss what is being planned for that intersection. Scheduling is tentative, but at this point we anticipate public information meeting in the spring of 2020. Utility work could occur in the fall of 2020, with intersection construction in 2021. Once meeting details are established we will share information at and on social media.

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