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- Supervisor’s Update: Monday, April 27


I would like to share a new program launched last week by Monroe County Executive Adam Bello called “Take 5 Monroe.” It is a county-wide campaign encouraging us all to take five (5) minutes out of each day to care for ourselves, our neighbors, colleagues, and loved ones, during this period of continued social distancing. 


Here are details from the April 22 press release:


As part of a state-wide effort promoted by the New York State Association of Counties, “Take 5 Monroe” promotes positive messaging and activities to help people stay optimistic, connected, and healthy as we navigate this unprecedented public health crisis. “As the pandemic continues to impact our daily lives in ways large and small, people may feel anxious, fearful, or confused,” said Bello. “I want people to realize that they have the power to make a huge difference in someone else’s life. We should all make a concerted effort to stay connected and do what we can to uplift each other.”


Through a collaboration with Coordinated Care Services, Inc., the Gandhi Institute and a host of community partners and instructors, the wellness campaign will feature:

  • 5-minute videos to help people with easy movement and relaxation activities
  • spiritual guidance and counselling through local faith-based leaders
  • key messaging of how to reach out and connect with others
  • helpful hints for agency leaders and department heads on supporting their teams, and
  • calls to action from County Executive Bello and his partners in government for recognition and encouragement.


“Take 5 Monroe” is calling on elected officials, community, business and faith leaders, and each and every one of us across Monroe County, to take just five minutes of our day to reach out to a loved one, neighbor, co-worker or stranger to help lift their spirits. “While people continue to stay socially distanced, we need to ensure that we remain socially connected. Please, take time out of your day to make someone else feel cared for and special. We are all in this together, and taking care of one another is what is going to carry us through.” This statewide campaign is being launched with the hashtags #Take5Monroe and #Take5ForNY.


On the topic of social distancing, more and more people are complying with community masking and wearing face coverings when outside their homes. As a reminder, we are asked to use face coverings in addition to—not instead of—keeping six feet away from others. BOTH practices are needed to stop the spread. Thank you for your cooperation.


Stay home, stop the spread, save lives,


Penfield Supervisor R. Anthony (Tony) LaFountain

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