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- Supervisor's Update: Friday, May 15

Our new Town Assessor, Christopher Lyons, has asked me to remind residents that the Board of Assessment Review is scheduled to meet on Tuesday, May 26. Chris, a Penfield resident,  joined us just as the coronavirus was causing us to close our offices and work remotely. Nevertheless, Chris and team kept the businesses of the Assessor's Office moving forward and they have continued to serve Penfield residents. They have adapted procedures to meet New York State Real Property requirements and social distancing protocols. 

The reason we are welcoming Chris Lyons is that Ann Buck, Penfield’s assessor of 16 years, recently retired. Ann consistently served Penfield with care and professionalism. This was true right up to her last weeks with the Town as she delayed her retirement in order to help us manage our response to the governor’s Executive Order to temporarily close due to the COVID-19  pandemic. Ann, who also managed the Town’s technology, stayed on to see the Assessor's Office and the rest of our departments through new territory as we needed to adopt new technology to continue the business of the Town. With our focus on the pandemic, Ann quietly retired at the end of March. Ann, on behalf of our community, thank you for your service to the Town of Penfield and New York State. Be well and enjoy yourself!

I would like to share assessment information that Chris Lyons recently posted at

This year, because of COVID-19 restrictions, the board will meet via telephone/video conference between hours of 1:00 PM and 8:00 PM, to hear and examine all formal complaints in relation to assessments upon the application of any person believing that they have been aggrieved. 

Since in-person hearings will not be held while social distancing protocols are in effect, it is imperative that a fully completed RP-524 complaint form with all supporting documentation be submitted via mail, email, fax, or Penfield Library book return box (Penfield Community Center, 1985 Baird Road) to the Assessor’s Office before May 26 to afford sufficient time to adequately prepare for the hearings.

Once a properly completed complaint form is received, a complainant will be contacted to schedule an appointment for their telephone/video conference hearing with the Board of Assessment Review. While complaints may be filed until 8:00 PM on May 26, the Board will not hear them until a future date and time. Complainants will be contacted to schedule this appointment.

Persons who file a complaint have the option to have the Board review their complaint form without having a telephone/video conference. (Please note this on your form so that our staff will not need to contact you to schedule an appointment.) The Board will inform them in writing of its decision. Complainants will have the opportunity to choose this option when contacted to schedule an appointment.

Complaint forms cannot be filed until after May 1. The complaint form and the publication “Contesting Your Assessment in New York State” are available online at NYS Tax & Finance at or the Assessor’s Home Page at 

This is a public meeting that the public is allowed to hear. Contact theAssessor’s Office for streaming and dial-in instructions. 

Please contact the Assessor’s Office at (585) 340-8610 or with any questions you may have.

Chris, thank you and welcome to the Town of Penfield team.  And thank you to our friends at  the Penfield Library for agreeing to receive grievance documents in their book return box. Envelopes tend to be thick with documents and they will not fit in the town hall drop box.

Tomorrow's forecast promises us a beautiful day that will send many of us outdoors for gardening and yard work. With that, I’d like to remind everyone about protocols for the mulch pile and brush drop off. 

The mulch pile, located at the town hall campus on Columbus Crossing near the softball fields, is getting busier every day. To make the mulch pile safe for all, we ask that all visitors to the pile observe social distancing and wear face masks. Also, if you have children or pets with you, keep them inside your vehicle—do not let them outside to wander near or on the pile. 

Effective Monday, May 18, residential brush drop-off at DPW on Jackson Road will resume weekdays, 7:30 AM to 3:00 PM. As always, only limbs and brush are allowed—NO leaves, grass clippings, or other inappropriate debris will be accepted. The area will be monitored. 

Find COVID-19 resources at Direct questions or concerns to the Monroe County COVID-19 hotline at (585) 753-5555 or .

Stay home, stop the spread, save lives,


Penfield Supervisor R. Anthony (Tony) LaFountain

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