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- A Message from the Penfield Town Board

In response to the unwarranted murder of Mr. George Floyd, the Penfield Town Board believes it is important to state our position denouncing any abuse of power against our community members. We, as your leaders in Penfield, stand for rightful and fair justice for all. Senseless acts of violence towards any individual, group, or organization should never be tolerated. We denounce any discrimination and violence against any members of our community.

We stand for our neighbors, family members, and friends in Penfield who should not be fearing for their lives based on the color of their skin, culture, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, gender, or any other facets of their identities. Our community is enriched by all our residents. We value and support a culture of inclusion and diversity in Penfield—for that helps our understanding of each other and the world.

We all must stand united against discrimination and bigotry on all fronts.

Town of Penfield
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