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Maps and GIS Data

Browse through the maps below (available in PDF) for parcel viewing.

Additional town and county maps are available through;

The Town of Penfield’s latest Public GIS Viewer offers users the opportunity to explore the Town of Penfield and select local data on a digital platform built for PC and mobile use.  Users can toggle limited data layers on/off from the Layer List icon in the top left corner of the Viewer from the green menu bar.  The chosen data will be appear over the underlying basemap layer.  The default basemap known as the Open Street Map will load upon accessing the Viewer.  Other basemaps can be selected from the menu bar icon located below the Layer List, such as aerial imagery.  Users can choose to export mapping from the Viewer as hardcopy prints or in a digital format, such as a PDF or JPEG file, using the printer icon found on the menu bar.
Please direct inquiries and technical matters about the Public GIS Viewer to the Town of Penfield Engineering Department at or (585) 340-8681.

GIS Maps in PDF Form
These maps are availble below for viewing/download and are also available in hardcopy (printed) form at the Town Hall.
Prices for hardcopies are:11" x 17" or smaller - $10.00; larger than 11" x 17" - $15.00.

Map Disclaimer: The Town of Penfield certifies that these GIS documents are digital reproductions of maps or data collected in-house by the Town of Penfield for the convenience of and use by the Public and Town Staff. The Town of Penfield does not make any representations, expressed or implied, as to the accuracy of such record(s). The Town of Penfield and its Agents and Employees, shall not be responsible or liable for any damages of any nature whatsoever for errors and/or omissions, if any, relating to or contained within such maps. 

Maps Available in PDF Form
Emergency Ambulance Response 2014 Map
Fire Districts 2014 Map
Hunting Allowed, 3/8/12
maps Hunting.pdf 4912.65 kb
Official Town Map - 06/08/17
Official Zoning Map
Parcels: Streets Numbers and Zoning
Penfield School Districts MAP
Sanitary Sewer Service Boundary, 6/1/12
Trails - Overview, Updated 2013-12-31
Watersheds, 03/30/2013
Historic Maps
Historic Sites and Districts Map
Historic Map - 1902
Historic Map - 1924

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